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Magic Scones

WTF is going on with this spring snow storm? Get your act together Mother Nature!

Here is a magical little scone recipe to make dealing with this weather a tiny bit more bearable. Stay tuned at the end for my current favourite variation—Blood Orange and Rye with Dark Chocolate Puddles.

Vegan Chocolate Almond Spread

Zoe and I set out to make a simple, healthy-ish, version of Nutella that her sister would actually eat. Spread it on a banana, a tortilla, a pancake, or eat it from a spoon! It is delicious, packed with protein, and vegan to boot!

Vegan Beet Pesto Pasta

Versions of this pasta have been floating around the world of food in the past year. I am here to tell you that it is worth the hype! Gorgeous to look at, easy to make, vegan, and utterly delicious, what I love most about this baby is that it is like nothing else I have ever made. 

Mac and Cheese: True Confessions

After years of failure, I have finally perfected my ideal mac and cheese. This version is perfect for crisp, Halloween-y weather. It is rich with pumpkin and goat cheese but not too heavy, and chunks of marinated chicken make for a hearty one-pan supper.

End of Summer Salad

This is a celebration of late summer in salad form. A perfectly balanced and simple combination of flavours and textures, including corn, tomatoes, nectarines, basil, and blue cheese. I dare you not to eat the whole thing in one go.