Magic Scones

WTF is going on with this spring snow storm? Get your act together Mother Nature!

Here is a magical little scone recipe to make dealing with this weather a tiny bit more bearable. Stay tuned at the end for my current favourite variation—Blood Orange and Rye with Dark Chocolate Puddles.

Vegan Chocolate Almond Spread

Zoe and I set out to make a simple, healthy-ish, version of Nutella that her sister would actually eat. Spread it on a banana, a tortilla, a pancake, or eat it from a spoon! It is delicious, packed with protein, and vegan to boot!

Welcome January!

I kind-of-sort of hate New Years resolutions, but I still want to celebrate January as a time to tackle some of those corners of my life that could use a little love. Remember: every tiny victory counts when it comes to organisation, especially when kids are involved!

December Thoughts

Today I find myself with some time and breathing space to stop and reflect on what has been a very hard month. Here are some honest thoughts on where I am at this holiday season.