School Safe Granola with Cherries and Sesame

Back to school means a return to the dreaded task of packing lunches. This nut-free version of my favourite granola is totally school safe (and vegan and gluten-free to boot!), and will help jazz up your little monsters yogurt or fruit. Make sure to save some for yourself—you’ve earned it!

Magic Scones

WTF is going on with this spring snow storm? Get your act together Mother Nature!

Here is a magical little scone recipe to make dealing with this weather a tiny bit more bearable. Stay tuned at the end for my current favourite variation—Blood Orange and Rye with Dark Chocolate Puddles.

Vegan Chocolate Almond Spread

Zoe and I set out to make a simple, healthy-ish, version of Nutella that her sister would actually eat. Spread it on a banana, a tortilla, a pancake, or eat it from a spoon! It is delicious, packed with protein, and vegan to boot!

Welcome January!

I kind-of-sort of hate New Years resolutions, but I still want to celebrate January as a time to tackle some of those corners of my life that could use a little love. Remember: every tiny victory counts when it comes to organisation, especially when kids are involved!

December Thoughts

Today I find myself with some time and breathing space to stop and reflect on what has been a very hard month. Here are some honest thoughts on where I am at this holiday season.