The Needle + The Knife is my online workshop and archive, a space for me to explore my many random fascinations and obsessions, including food, textiles, gardening, mothering, and design. I am particularly passionate about exploring the multiplicity of ways the process of creating infuses our lives and homes with meaning and love.

Since giving birth to my first daughter five years ago, my constant search for delicious and practical ways to feed and engage my family has led me further away from flashy recipes and projects towards simple, satisfying ideas for nourishing myself and those I love. I passionate about seeking out food and design which champions sustainability and social justice. Whenever possible, I try to invest in ethically produced goods, artisans, and businesses I believe in. The recipes you will find here reflect my goal of moving towards a more plant-based diet; many of them are vegetarian or vegan, or contain suggestions for modifying them to make them so. 

If you are a person who likes to make stuff with your hands, then this might just be the place for you. Extra points if you are also interested in reading about the deadly perils and overwhelming awesomeness of motherhood.